Can I adjust my can seamer to run a different height can?

Can seamers are built for adjustable heights within a certain range. In most cases these changes can be made on site. In some instances seamers can be "stretched" to run a can height above its intended range. This process requires specific modifications to the seamer housing. The If you have specific questions about your machine our technicians may be able to help.

Can I change the speed of my can seamer?

Yes. Can Seamers are rated for a range of speeds within a certain class. These changes can be made by using a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) or by changing the sheaves on the motor. Once you top out the machine maximum rating of the machine it's time to start shopping for another one. 

What's the difference between Rebuilt, Good Running Condition, and As-Is machine quality?

  • Our rebuilds are complete machine overhauls. These machines will be shop tested for your inspection and sold with warranty. 
  • Good Running Condition machines have been shop run to verify they run as expected.
  • As-is machines are as stated.

How can we help?

We believe in sharing our expertise. If you have questions about can seamers or parts we'd be willing help as best we can.