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Closing Machines

Seamer Rebuilds

Change & Repair Parts


Manual Prints

Seamer Sales

Machines are in stock and ready to ship

  • Rebuilt American Can Seamers
  • Continental/Pneumatic Scale Can Seamers
  • Angelus Can Seamers
  • Dixie Can Seamers
  • Rooneys

Seamer Rebuilds

Fully rebuilt and tested for longevity

  • Canco 08's, 06's, 05''s, and Rooneys
  • Atmospheric
  • Steam
  • Vacuum
  • Can height stretching

Change Parts

Full sets available to change the diameter of your seamer

  • Seaming heads
  • Cover Feeds
  • Chucks and Rolls
  • Can Guides

Repair Parts

Thousands of repair and replacement parts in stock.

  • Seperator Knifes
  • Cams and shafts
  • Lifter plates
  • Roller bearings
  • Feed Chains

Service Calls

Have wrench, will travel

  • On site repair
  • Seaming height adjustments
  • Diameter changes
  • Trouble Shooting

Manual Prints

Service Manuals for most closing machines

  • American Can Co
  • Pneumatic Scale/Continental 
  • Angelus

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